Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back home again!

Wow! I don't know where the time went...

I think I left off at Wednesday last week...man, I can't remember that far back :) We went out to lunch (Chinese buffet I think), then I went to the mall (Parkway Plaza). I got my hair cut and did a little shopping. Suncoast is one of my favorite stores, and guess what, they were having a 2-for-1 sale on TV sets. I couldn't pass that up! Normally I like to browse there but don't buy DVD's because they are a lot cheaper online. Or I will only buy tv- and movie-merchandise there. I got the second season of Remington Steele, which is on the top of my list anyway, and second season of "Las Vegas". I also found a plastic lady bug for my collection :)

Then when I was picked up, I was told that the movers were coming a day early! They had phoned to see if they could, and we were basically ready for them anyway, so...they came and got all my m-i-l's things. Nice guys, too. They should be delivering all of her stuff this week sometime. I think we met up with our friends George and Beth Wednesday night. It was great to see them and George was on good behavior ;) They hung out and chatted for a while, then we went to El Torito for a quick bite. It was not as good as last time we went, so I was sort of disappointed.

Thursday, we went to Tijuana for a few hours. We went to Ceasar's Hotel (where the Ceasar salad was invented), intending to eat lunch there, but they were closed for renovations, so we went to another nearby place called The Cave. It was a cute touristy place; it had pictures of the Flintstones all over the menu and lots of fake prehistoric decorations. I was afraid it would be too touristy as far as the food, but it was excellent. The salsa was a little wimpy, so I stupidly asked them to make it a "little hotter". They made new salsa with habanero peppers! These are very hot. The salsa was so hot that I couldn't eat more than a bite. We shared a taco plate that was very delicious. Tons of food! The people working there were VERY nice, too. We walked around a lot. We always go to this great bakery there and pick up wonderful bread and pastries (most of which I can't eat now, of course) for a very cheap price. We stopped here and there for drinks. We stopped at one karaoke bar. I figured they would only have karaoke at night, like most places, but when I asked, they said, "sure!" Turns out the karaoke was in a jukebox. This jukebox had about 30 karaoke disks besides their regular stuff. It was all in Spanish, not one English song. I know, it's their country, but Tijuana is all about tourism so I was surprised they didn't have any American artists or their songs. Anyway, they plugged in this very bad microphone and then when you pick your song, the words come up on this little screen on the jukebox, so you have to face the jukebox (away from the audience) to sing. Terrible setup. I think this might be the wave of the future, though, so regular human KJ's better watch out. I know some songs in Spanish, but they had mostly recent stuff that I didn't know, such as Shakira and Christina Aguilera. The only song I knew was Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca, so I did that. They did not have a key changer (or if they did, there was no way to ask because the particular people in this bar did not speak much English), so it was difficult to sing because it's very low except in the chorus. Well, it was somewhat fun and I can now say I've done karaoke in Mexico :)

Thursday night we went out to karaoke at the El Torito in Mission Valley. I forget where we ate dinner first, possibly fast food. We met my good friend Mary, and later our friend Martin joined us. I had invited other people, but none of them showed (but I kind of knew most of them wouldn't). It's always more fun when there are more people. It was nice to see Mary, though, because we hadn't gotten together in a while. She drove all the way down from Hemet, which was so nice! The karaoke was pretty good but I doubt I would go back there again. The KJ likes to play way too much dance music, and he also likes to crank it up very loud. We moved to a back area that was farther away, and it was still pretty loud. I got to sing enough, but I would ahve been able to sing a lot more if he had not played so many dance songs. I hate when they do that. The crowd was good, for the most part. It was a very ethnically-mixed group. I sang "My Guy", "On the Radio', "Bring Me To Life", and "It's Raining Men". They really liked On the Radio a lot; people stopped talking and turned and listened. That is always a nice feeling. The crowd changed a bit by the time I did my last song. The newer people were not as enthusiastic. They did listen but were not very excited. Maybe they were just all drunk, I don't know... :) Most of the singers were not very good, but it was ok. The KJ was very nice and sang well. We had a good time, so I can't complain too much. It was nice to see Martin, as always, but he did not sing this time. We didn't feel it was a good crowd for our usual Aladdin duet.

Friday for lunch we went to this seafood place, Anthony's, in La Mesa; it was even more disappointing-- none of us liked it. Too bad, it used to be a great place. In the evening, we met up with my brother David downtown. We went to a cheap pizza place, Broadway Pizza, but it was very good. We went to the Field briefly for drinks. It was nice to see my brother again. We chatted about the usual stuff, computers, books, movies etc. Then David and I went to the Padres game. It was a great game and they actually won. I sometimes get bored at games, but this one was pretty good. It moved along and there were plenty of home runs and things to watch. We had a late night snack at The Field after the game.

Saturday I had plans with my other brother, Stephen, who lives up in Carlsbad; it took us a while to work out when/where we were going to meet. I went with my spouse and m-i-l to another Chinese restaurant for lunch, then we went to Horton Plaza to meet Stephen. He and I saw the X-Men movie. I liked it, but not sure if I liked it as much as the other two. It was nice catching up with Stephen. Zina was home studying for the LSAT's so we didn't get to see her. I went to Ben and Jerry's afterwards and got a scoop. That is one of my favorite ice cream places/brands ever. Saturday night we got together again with George and Beth, I think (or it may have been Sunday). We went to this great British Pub-type placed called Callahans. Great food!

Sunday David went to another Padre game, and they lost...I didn't do much, just laundry, packing and that sort of thing. Ira came over briefly. They went out and George joined them, but I stayed home and did stuff on my site and laundry, etc. Monday, of course, was when we flew back. It was not a bad day, as flying goes. It seemed to go pretty fast and was uneventful. We had one long flight where we did not have to change planes at all, but it stopped twice along the way.

Now we are home...it is SO NICE to be back home. Even though I'm not a big fan of our state :) It is great to be back in our own beds, using our own showers, having our own stuff...and now my m-i-l is here, too. The dog is back and he's loving it.

We used to leave all of our curtains and blinds closed because, with just the two of us, we would walk around our house half-dressed (especially in the summer), but we can't do that now because of her being here. Which is fine. So now we have the shades and curtains open, so it is so much nicer! It really brightens up the house.

I am waiting for the mail...I probably got a lot while we were gone. I ordered some stuff, too, that I am expecting, such as new curtains, a new rug etc. I ordered these things that are like solar curtains? We'll see what they are like, but supposedly they keep the excessive heat or cold out (reflect it or something), and they let you see out, and see the sun, but neighbors can't see in. So we'll see how it works. I also got this rug-like runner thing....for this little entranceway/hallway we have. I had a runner there, but I had to move it into the other room to cover the cable where the satelittle dish goes across the room. I enjoy ordering from catalogs like Walter Drake and Starcrest, so that's where I ordered this stuff.

I am pretty happy right now. I have been trying to start a band for a while now. I had three people a few years ago, but the lead guitar guy turned out to be a flake and never wanted to practice. The bass player never showed up for rehearsals. Then the lead guitar guy quit. Then I got a job for awhile, and that took up my spare time...then I just put off looking for band members for a while. Then this past winter I put flyers up again. I got a call from a new drummer and bass player recently, but we still need a lead guitar player, at least. We could use a keyboard player and maybe some others, as well. I had been thinking of calling those guys back, but put it off with all the traveling....so then today I got a phone call from another bass player. This guy seems to really know about band stuff. He has been in them before and also, he has equipment. W e chatted a lot on the phone. He has some great ideas for the band and getting more people. I also phoned the other two guys...the other bass player didn't answer and has no answering machine, so I don't know...the drummer is still interested, thankfully!! I sent the two guys a list of songs for us to work on. It feels like it's call coming together! They also might each know some other people to join the band, so please cross your fingers for me that it works out! I am very excited about this now.

I also spent some other time on the phone today, speaking with the ad fellows from BuddyTV.com They have some good ideas that might help out my site a lot. So that is always good to hear!

Apparently the movers are coming tomorrow--8am! UGH. Too early for me.

It's nice to be back!

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